Sunday, February 5, 2012

My day with Corky

As those who read Calvinistic Cartoons know, Corky Velveeta visited my headquarters this weekend.

Here is what we did today.

First we went to church. 

I realized I had left the front door keys at home.  Thankfully, the New London Driving school had arrived and opened the doors.

When we got in, I made lost of copies for Children's Church.

The, we sat in the teen Sunday School room.  No one was at the church yet, so I caught up on my Tabletalk, which I had left in the classroom all weekend.  I don't know if I would have survived had Corky not visted.

Also, we had an extra boy in the class today.  He is 10, making my teen Sunday School so much younger.  But he had a blast and I think he enjoyed my Dad teaching.  I hope the other two enjoyed it, too.

Also, in Children's Church, we kicked off the WSC lessons for communion Sunday, the first Sunday of every month.  That color picture was some of creation, and it will hopefully help them glorify God and enjoy him forever.  Corky had the idea of painting the ground orange.  I'm going to finish that picture on Thursday.
The new boy came to Children's Church, and so the 11-year-old was back.  I do wonder how I will do this.

The two boys drew all that on the board.  Still don't know what Corky thought.  He was pretty silent.

When we got home, Corky helped me make chipotle chocolate cupcakes.  I should know better than to take cooking advice from a grenade, because my heartburn is still remembering the spice.  He swears he got the idea from Betty Crocker.  If it's good enough for Betty...

Next we took those cupcakes to my friend Lisa's house for a Super-dee-Duper Bowl party.  

Only three got eaten, and I had eaten one of them.  Those who tried them liked it and one didn't even notice the spice.  The other friend did.  I'm so happy that I left after 3rd quarter to give the time for the Giants to steal Tom Brady's pride.  It always makes me happy.


  1. Thanks for the additional information on what happened. Corky doesn't always let me know what a great time he has visiting spiritual relatives.

  2. Had a super time!