Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Miscellany

Mostly just music facts today:
I'm finally getting used to playing the Overture to Handel's Messiah on piano.  Still slow and choppy, but starting to have form.

Congratulations, Adele!  You have a Grammy for probably the world's most depressing song.  I turn it off every time it comes on the radio, therefore people think it must be a good song.  Congrats, Adele. 

Sorry about Whitney Houston.  She might have had some faith somewhere but like most famous people, also have issues.  It's like God is more your magic charm than your Lord, but I can't judge you.  You were a good singer.

Giving up secular music for Lent, so I'm binging on all my favorite British indie rock such as Travis and Keane.

I never realized how long the song "Life in the Fast Lane" by Eagles is.  It was playing in Mellow Mushroom today.  I was sitting there and I kept realizing that the song was still playing.  A while later, I still feel like I can hear Don Henley, and yes, the same song is still on.

My housemate wants me to sing for her CNA class graduation.  I have no idea what to sing for a graduation during Lent time, but she says we can do Christian songs.  I sang a Christian song for my high school baccalaureate.  It don't get more politically incorrect than that.  Still, don't know any good recent songs to sing for a graduation, and "Friends" by Michael W. Smith is just too cheesy.

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