Friday, August 17, 2012

Concerning the Starbuck's music

I remember when I loved the music at Starbuck's.  It was so indie.  I'd hear songs by Brooke Fraser and Fran Healy that I would not hear outside of YouTube. 

Now, it's like all they play is Bob Marley.  I'm pretty sure I can listen to one of his songs, but seriously, that's the only song he has.  They all sound the same, and I feel toward them like some of my friends feel toward Country Music.

Then they played the Cure, "Just Like Heaven."  I sang every word, harkening back to my goth period.  And also, I'm still not sure how Robert Smith was goth other than the way he dressed.

Then they played that "Hallelujah" song.  Not that one, but the one that was in Shrek.  First done by Rufus Wainwright.  I liked that song, then.  It was different.  Now every whiny teenager has covered it and put it on Christmas albums or CCM albums.  Which, it's lyrics are unique but that's something I would pray to the Lord, not necessarily sing as a praise song.  So, now I can't even listen to Rufus sing it.  But I did kind of sing along..

I also endured Van Morrison singing, Willie Nelson singing, and I believe heard only one song that I sang along with, out loud, but can't remember what it was.

I do like "Brown-Eyed Girl."  Sadly, I hate Van Morrison's singing.

I like "Crazy." Willie has good taste, but again, terrible singer and seriously PC.

I guess not everything can be a George Strait tribute show. 

Why do I keep leaving my earbuds at home?  The ones that look like duckies.  My earducks.


  1. Just find a good coffee shop. Starbucks is the antithesis of good coffee. I'm sure Atlanta is metropolitan enough for some local flavor to exist.

    1. Only thing is I find such a place and it closes. At least around here.