Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend Wind-down

I'm going on a road trip with my dad and brother in the morning.  It will be good to be with just them for a week.  Granted, I hope things are peaceful between me and Dad.

I got the best massage from my cat Rachel today and I'm already missing her and Leah as I'm at my dad's domicile tonight.

I finally read the Didache.  I love it.  It was short and sweet and had good instructions.  It also has my view of the Eucharist.

I seriously love the Olympics.  They really bring me out of my cave.

I really wish there'd be more volleyball and badminton on TV.  Not so much swimming.  The former sports are just more fun to watch.

It will be kind of nice going to church to worship this Sunday and to not work or teach.

I'm still really thankful for the RP church I go to at night.

At least I'm taking my laptop with me on this vacation.

I still love to quote Homestar Runner cartoons to no end.  It just doesn't get old to me.

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