Friday, August 31, 2012


So, yesterday, I came up with a grandiose plan.  Dragon*Con goes on in Atlanta this weekend.  I can't go this year.  I have never gone.  Even if I could, I'd not like the crowd, and I'd only be there for Kevin Sorbo.

So, I thought, why don't I just make up my own homemade Comic Con.  At first I called it Meghan*Con, but that sounds vain.  I'll just change it to Dragon*Bomb.

So far, at my hypothetical convention, I'm wearing either my Renaissance dress or my Charles Spurgeon t-shirt.

There will probably be a Farscape booth.  I watched that in high school until it got too confusing and then I stopped.

There will definitely be a Homestar Runner booth.  We can sit around and quote Homestar all day and not get tired of it.  I'd probably do more Homestar tribute videos.

Speaking of Kevin Sorbo, I could conduct a fake interview with my Hercules poster.

Then, there would be the Dr. Who quiz.  You see, I love Dr. Who.  It's a great show.  I love TARDIS and have earrings and seen the 60s movies.  The only problem is, I don't watch the show.  I have no clue when it comes on and am not willing to spend on Netflix.  So bummer.  So it would be funny to ask me about Dr. Who and see what goofy answers I can invent.

We'd make crafts of our favorite nerdities, then we'd line them up in some parade. 

And do skits, and dances, and fan fiction contests.

We'd end the whole night re-enacting MST3K.


  1. I'm a Dr. Who fan too. Doctor #4, Tom Baker, is my favorite. I watched it in the 70's and 80's before you were born. :)

    1. :-) I bet you get to watch the episodes, though. I'm just nominal.

    2. I don't watch the current show (no cable) though I have seen season 1 and a bit of season 2. I just re-watch my old VCR tapes. My daughter was telling me there may be a way to download episodes for free. If I can figure it out, I'll let you know. :)