Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cairns 9: Earnestly Contending (and ranting in my case)

This chapter will definitely be expanded as it talks about so many men that it overwhelms me.  This will also be one of my more politically incorrect posts.  I honestly don't want to hear arguments as you have your own blog to do so.

Earle Cairns first mentions the apologists who wrote in the 2nd Century.  These were the guys who would refute the imperial accusations against them.  They wrote to explain to the Romans and the Jews that they were not atheists, cannibals, incestuous, or anti-social.  They simply lived under a different government from them and would only disobey Rome if that means disobeying God.

Today this would be very good b/c man people in Rome call us racists, bigots, judgmental, and sometimes those descriptions do describe those who go under Christ's name.  It's a shame that so many who claim to be Christian will disagree with people so much as to accuse peaceful people of tyranny.

However, not only do Christians today need to defend the correct faith against the anti-Christians, they must also decry the false Christians who do use God for racist agendas. 

However, there is one key issue for the true Christians.  I don't agree with Mormons, Muslims, gays, super-liberals, or libertarians, but that does not mean I hate them.  I will work to prevent terrorism, abortion, euthanasia, and eugenics, but I will only accuse those who we know are guilty.  We know the Muslims are guilty of terrorism.  We know the super-liberals are guilty of Stockholm syndrome to said terrorists and supporting abortion enough to take our tax dollars to support it.  We know that the gays are tearing down the traditional concept of family and resorting to a lifestyle that will not only resort in orgies, diseases, and inability to reproduce and carry on the culture, but they influence our young people to live by their feelings and not by what is right.  I will pray for the especially militant versions to be stopped somehow and for us to be protected, though God's will will happen.  We must never stop to defend our faith before the Caesars.

However, as much as I do not believe that Mormons are Christians and are greatly misguided, there's a difference between Joseph Smith and Mitt Romney.  Who knows, maybe Mitt will be the next Joseph Stalin.  The fact is, he is a peaceful man who has done nothing to deserve imprecatory prayers, nor has he forced his values on us.  He may not end abortion, but he can at least not be as bloodthirsty as Obama about it.  (I honestly think the pregnancy centers do more to stop abortion than government anyway).  I've been praying imprecatory prayers against Obama and his brainwashed supporters ever since he was running.  I do not feel the same way toward Mitt Romney and I do think he is the better choice than Ron Paul.  Ron Paul will do nothing about abortion on the national level, or to get Roe v. Wade repealed, and I can never support legalization of marijuana unless they find some way to do it for medical reasons and keep it away from the common people.  As for the more peaceful people who do not know the Lord properly, whether they are deceivers or deceived, they don't earn our hate but our pity and prayers for God to enlighten them.  To open up their minds to Christ who is the true God and only God and the only way to salvation.  God will bring justice someday.  We just have to make sure we oust our current tyrant.

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  1. I would suggest that, before you paint libertarians with a broad brush, you ought to do some research. While I don't agree with the Libertarian Party as I believe it has been hijacked by those who follow Ayn Rand, it was libertarian (or classical liberal) principles of government that led to the formation of our Constitution. I myself am a libertarian. You would be more correct in saying that Ron Paul wouldn't want the federal government getting involved in what is rightly best handled at the local level. Being a doctor he knows what abortion and marijuana can do. Not a criticism as such of your post, but please, do some research before you say us libertarians are not for certain things.