Friday, September 7, 2012

When Life Gives You Room, Make Ruminate

I can be messy, but I've never looked like I could be on hoarders.  Joked about it, yes, but did something about it.  I'm still doing something about it.

I can argue quite a bit, but it's never for no reason.  I'll be saying this a lot for a while. 

Last year I decided I like arguing, but I finally think it's because I did it so much.  I'd really like to find a better way to do that without being obnoxious.

I decided to use Matthew Henry's Commentary to plan a teen Bible study.  Now I'm going to do that yet tie it together somehow.  I felt like it was really nonsequiter when I taught it.

I think, once again, I figured out how to change my cats' habits.  The solution is certainly not talking about it on Facebook.  Or Blogger.

I would seriously like more courage to ask people to do something such as have lunch or go blueberry picking or randomly drive to Helen.

I think the problem with the previous sentence is I tried to ask the same person over and over again.  I need to ask lots of people and alternate.  So now, who should I call this weekend?

This week, Ligonier has been showing a video series from the 90s.  Directed toward teens in the 90s.  With 90s opening music.  Amidst the cheesy, Sproul's message is still amazing.  How many of my generation or slightly older would be less messed up if this video had been more widespread?

Should I sleep in or go to my brother's ballgame?  It would get me out of the house and seeing people, but also it's at 9 AM.  I'd love to sleep.  But I am going to make an effort to watch UGA football.

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