Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Polemicists (with special appearance by Dr. Who)

While the apologists defended their faith to the Romans, the polemicists had more fun refuting heresies.  I will get more into those polemicists in later posts.

Right now I rejoice because I finally know when Dr. Who comes on.

Also, I rejoice because this episode accidentally affirmed Ken Ham's ministry from Answers in Genesis.  The show tonight, they discovered dinosaurs flying space ships.  They then discovered that the space ship was some kind of Ark.  Totally not ripping off Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

But they discovered that dinosaurs really did live alongside humans, survived on the Ark, and lived until folks in the middle ages killed them all by hunting them down.  Even so, you still can't prove that there is not some dinosaur hobbling around in some jungle somewhere over the rainbow.  But the dinosaurs on the episode even died similarly to the real ones: men went shot them down with laser guns. 

Praise the Lord!

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