Thursday, September 20, 2012

The I am not a disorder rant

This comes from at least a year of being frustrated by people being anti-social or jerks just because some label allows it such as Aspberger's, OCD, Bipolar disorder, ADD, the gay gene, etc.

Speaking of someone who has taken tests saying both that I have Aspberger's and that I don't have it based on what day I take the test, I am in your shoes and I can happily judge you, or at least take the plank out of my eye and hit you.

Why does this upset me?  Because psychologists work on an evolutionary atheistic notion that there is no sin, just chemical imbalances. 

Like last year.  I was overhearing an online lecture from Liberty where the professor quoted Charles Finney.  Not even enrolled at Liberty, I emailed the professor to call him out.  Dad heard that I did that and sent me to a psychologist to see if I have Aspberger's. 

I am also the person who will tell you that you're wrong and make you cry.  I will tear you to pieces over Obama, abortion, universalism, and any other left-wing atrocity, including evolution and labels, and I will do so in an insensitive manner.  And not stop.

I like to lick salt off of pretzels before I eat them.  I try to clean every three days b/c if I don't I will not have a routine and get out of order.  I do the same with blogsites, alternating the days on which I read them because I will waste my time if I don't.  I also have kooky routines in my devotional life that work for me, and I like them.

But I do not have ASD, OCD, ADD, or any mix of letters.  I suffer from SIN.  It may be different from yours but you have the same problem.  Apart from Christ's salvation, I cannot escape this disease.  Does this mean I'm allowed to continue arguing, judging, hating, and alienating?  No.  I may not always be able to control it, but I'm not satisfied with it either. 

And this year, I even discovered the reason for my peculiarities.  It seems I end up arguing so much that I decided to start liking it, which works because I'm going to be a paralegal.  When I make friends I love them so much that I end up trying to control them. 

Am I bipolar?  No, turns out I'm angry at the world.  I'm angry at abortion, Obama, Rob Bell, Oprah, and pretty much everything.  I'm angry because idolatry exists in the church and is not called idolatry (don't worry, it's in my church too).  I'm angry at people following trends just because LifeWay sells it.  I'm angry because nobody teaches good theology and church history anymore.  I need to wade through all this anger so I don't take it out on people or end up trying over-protect someone.  It will need patience and accountability, but it's not something that's going be labelled ADD so that I can be excused.

Also, a sister of mine died in infancy when I was three.  I then watched the Ninja Turtles (don't regret that actually) and became obsessed with gloom and depression.  Then I got mad because of friendships that fade because people change.  Then college happened.  Then seminary happened.  I did grow up some.  Then mom died.  3 years later, I still grieve and long for familial relations with anyone to my own detriment.  Is my bereavement and excuse?  Can I take the day off?  No.  I need people to talk my issues out with and to not have to spend $100 at some counselor's office.

If you have a quirk that gets on people's nerves, DSM may diagnose it, but the real problem is our sinful natures.  Praise God that those are not permanent.  Jesus took my punishment for me and imputed his righteousness on me.  And seriously, everyone has sin.  Yes, everything is wrong with that, but we are all the same, and we are to stop labeling ourselves as a license.


  1. Bingo! You are spot on. I have been criticized by so many people (including my own family) who claim to be Christians for my insensitive attitude toward those who excuse their sins because of some kind of psychological or chemical disease.

    Thanks for this; I hope you don't mind if I share.

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  3. I was a Christian school principal, teacher, and coach for 34 years. I have many times seen ADD and ADHD used to excuse bad behavior on the part of students. I even had one student tell me, "I couldn't help it... I forgot to take my medication this morning." I once heard Dr. Henry Brandt say something like, "I am tired of hearing about ADD and ADHD. Whatever happened to B-R-A-T?" He also said a number of other very profound things, a few of which are listed below:
    "The heart of the problem is a problem with the heart.”
    “There’s no human remedy for sin.”
    “You don’t have a marriage problem, you have a sin problem.”
    “I am a victim of my own behavior.”
    “Biblical counseling is listening to a person long enough until you hear a violation of Scripture."

  4. This is brilliant Meghan, well said, (and Ralph & Ron). I hope you don't mind but I posted a link to this on the website of a 'Christian missionary', who claims to have ADHD, and writes many posts excusing people's behaviour in terms totally unlike yours! I commented how your post supported my existing thinking in my own struggle against sin. HE DELETED IT! I wrote another link,saying I was trying to be helpful; he deleted that too!
    I think you and I are a lot alike, Meg.