Sunday, September 16, 2012

Space Cowboys

So, I'm going to try to make it my habit to turn every Dr. Who episode into a Gospel tract.  I think that will be fun, but it might also have spoilers.

So, they were in the old west last night, and some other doctor was in jail in the town of Mercy.  Dr. Who found out that he had made cyborgs of all these people and one was dressed in a cowboy hat and trying to shoot him.

At some point, the doctor in jail said that when he dies his people believe that he will have to carry all the people he has wronged through some hell.

It's a shame he doesn't know Jesus who did just that thing for his believers.  He died on the cross taking every saved person's sin on his shoulders, and he carried us to salvation.  Only he could do that and come back to life afterward.  If only people would realize that and not feel like they have to correct every error.  They can't do that with a holy God.  Only a perfect Person must make things right between God and man.

I also noticed that that one girl did not think that Dr. Who should use violence to punish the other doctor.  I wish he had listened because you sometimes have to have surgery to heal.  If someone takes a life, someone else must take his life to preserve the sanctity of life.

I also noticed that Dr. Who changed the horse's name from Joshua to Sue and told the guy to respect the horse's lifestyle choices.  Ugh.

But they did save the day and I got some good lessons out of it to use for the Lord.  So yay!  Can't wait till next week.

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