Monday, August 27, 2012

Time for thanks

1. We totally had a Spaghetti-o and meatball can, and I ate that instead of junk food.

2. I can see my floor, even walk on it!  Now I just need to vacuum it

3. My Tabletalk was missing and I found it in my backpack, the one place I thought it wasn't.

4. I got to hold two babies yesterday.

5. I can go to Baptist Collegiate Ministry again.

6. I get to start new Tabletalk articles b/c September is about to start.

7. Did I mention my floor is clean?

8. I'm enjoying rereading "Abraham Kuyper: God's Renaissance Man" by James McGoldrick.

9. I guess I am glad I had McGoldrick for a teacher even though at the time I was not a cessationist and greatly offended by him.  My only wish would be to start September 2007 over and take his class again without cheating on the test.  Then again, I would not have had three history classes with Dale Johnson and come to greatly love it.

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