Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gospel and Christian Rap

So, I spent this afternoon hanging out with my cats and listening to Da TRUTH.  He's a rapper.  I told Tim I'd be doing this and he just asked why.  Because I work in Atlanta and I want to know more of the stuff we sell at the store.  Rap is not my favorite, but it's actually the best theology in Christian recording right now.

Lecrae is the most famous one right now.  He's good and has good theology, but he's too popular.  Fifty Cent likes him.  Even Toby Mac features him on his album.  He's kind of more of a fashion statement.  And listening to his music long enough, I feel like a drill is going on in my head.

Da TRUTH is different.  Another Reformed guy: he drops the names of Spurgeon, Calvin, and Luther.  He also features Lecrae.  He truly raps the Gospel in his music.

Also, unlike most rap, it's mixed in with real music and singer.  I think that's why I can stomach this.  There's also no high pitched noises.

Da TRUTH has a new album that I put on shelves this weekend, and it officially comes out Tuesday.  Heartbeat.  If you like rap or need a male role model for some young guy that you know, I recommend it.

Last but not least:

I is for I just can't think of one for I

J is for JIFE.  That means, Jesus is for Everybody and is one of Da TRUTH's tracks.

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