Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two Williams

It's really hard to tell when is the right time to call out a popular heretic or not even at the slightest sign of heresy.  There are two singers at LifeWay named William.  One is very good.  The other is shady.

I'll talk of the second one first.  He has an album that won't stay on the shelves.  He goes to church with Eddie Long nearby in Lithonia.  Yes, that Eddie Long.  People clearly get his album because he is around here and they know him.  I know nothing about him outside of his album and that one fact of where he goes to church.  Jesus doesn't appear once on his album.  God makes an appearance, but mostly, the album's theme is "our season."  Blessings from God.  It will all turn out all right.  No hope for a future heaven that we have to wait for.  We must demand our entitled blessings now.  His music isn't even all that good.

Then there's the William that I do like.  William McDowell.  Out of all the songs on WOW gospel 2014, his song is truly singing to the Lord and about humbling himself before our great God and Savior.

I think he preaches in Florida.  He is also a bit charismatic and is overly fascinated with miracles, but he cares about the Gospel.  He cares about people hearing the Gospel and realizing that they don't deserve anything good from our God, but he still sent Jesus to take their punishment.  More people should listen to William McDowell than they do to the other William.

F is for Foreman, Jon.  He's the lead signer of Switchfoot.  I've been listening to his solo music on YouTube for about 2 years now.  Those albums finally showed up at LifeWay for five dollars each.  I hid them in a place on the $5 shelf so that only I would know where to find them.  Now I'm listening to them in my car.  People talk about accidentally walking out of LifeWay with something they didn't intend to buy.  Believe me, it's only worse when you work there.  So much Kryptonite!  Not many regrets though.

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