Sunday, April 27, 2014

Words can't express it; but Jesus is the answer, not myself

It's only 2:30 AM.  Yes, a terrible time to be prowling the internet as I can say anything.  But you know, this is my blog.  I can write on it whenever I want.

I've been noticing more links from Tim Challies and other Christians who blog about love and sexuality.  As much as I do wish we could get to a place where we aren't obsessed with all of that, we're obsessed just the same, and so I must contribute my two cents because there is something even the Christian bloggers seem to miss.  I think this article is excellent btw.  If people really trusted Jesus and believed in his Word, then all definitions and all meanings would change for the better and we could enjoy God's gifts without worshiping them.

So, where do Christian bloggers miss the mark, even ones I absolutely love, when talking about sex?  They are excellent when they explain how marriage and marital sex are a wonderful picture that parallels our relationship with God through Christ. 

When you go through life, you seek fame, money, a job, someone to love, good standing in your church, big brains, good theology, the best books and music, but you slowly find that even in the best of situations, none of that satisfies.  It is all empty because our ultimate love was not meant for this world.  It was meant for Jesus.  God gave us all kinds of gifts to enjoy, including food, sex, music, pleasure, money, but they were not meant to take his place.  God is supposed to be our chief love, joy, and longing as he is the only one that won't disappoint.  Of course, still being a sinner who lives on fallen planet earth, I still have to wait to completely enjoy God forever in his fulness.

Before I married Tim and ever since I was about 11, I wanted so much to love someone deeply.  To go through life with them, grow old with them, find out how their lives progress, share secrets, be essentially naked.  It wasn't until I married Tim that I fully realized that dream, but I had to wait.  But just like food and music and worldly pleasures are wonderful if enjoyed to God's glory and not worshiped, so intense love for other people is a wonderful thing with wonderful bonds that have been lost in the Gay revolution.  Instead of intensely loving some other lady and wanting the best for her, the Progressive crowd tells us that it must involve physicality and lust.  No, that is an absolute lie.  The Christian bloggers miss the mark because they still believe in sexual orientation, or at least appear to so that they can be relevant to people who think they've experienced it.

No, sexual orientation is a myth.  It's really an intense love from God that is beautiful that sin messed up and turned into slavery to passions.  But all my love for people like my mom, my friends, my best friends are not to satisfy my passions or desires.  They are for God.  When Jesus comes in, he trumps everything.  God sent only one person that we could be completely vulnerable before and that is Jesus.  Until we can see Jesus face to face, we can only be naked and unashamed with the spouse of the opposite gender that we married.  And even then, my marital relationship is still not as wonderful and does not take the place of worshiping God.  Jesus came in, and he redefines everything.

If the world thinks that it is lust that should be satisfied by using another person for our own ends, Jesus comes in and shows us that it's actually a God-ordained love that was intended to provide us with companionship for the others' benefits that leads to worshiping God.  It's not orientation, it's simply an intense phileo love that has been long forgotten in our desires to satisfy our cravings.  It was never meant to be sexual.  It was always meant to be enjoyed as a way to enjoy just living and God's gifts.  Other people were made so we would not be alone in the world.  They weren't made for helping us feel good.  Only one person satisfied my longing for constant companionship, partnership, and even love and affection, and that is my husband.  Sure, God wants me to love and be close to all the people I meet, but to his glory and under his direction.

And my husband ultimately will leave me unsatisfied because my complete worship was meant for God.  Sure, I can enjoy food and entertainment, but all to his glory and under his direction.  Under God's direction, the world ceases to be one dimensional.  You go from thinking that love is only expressed in lust, to seeing God's world and seeing that love is a daily lifestyle that involves everyone that is not you.  Other people are enjoyed for their personalities, their stories, their backgrounds, and we try to do things for them at our expense.  This involves charity, work, education, experiences, and even affection -- none of which require sex which was meant for only my husband who I married who is vastly different from me and who I'll never completely understand.

In the same way, life involves food, music, pleasure, money, fame -- none of which require worship which was only meant for Jesus, who is vastly different from m and who I'll never completely understand.

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