Saturday, April 5, 2014


There is a band called Jesus Culture.  I used to not listen to them because I just don't like their name.  However, I listened to them yesterday and loved it.  They reminded me of Hillsong but with a more rock edge.

You all know me, you know how I like to point out anything I disagree with in something.  I'm trying to be more positive in life, but I still like the truth.  But I really did enjoy listening to Jesus Culture.  They have a few name-it-and-claim-it songs but most are songs that really are to Jesus.

Why don't I like the name?  I guess I just don't like people using Jesus's name in a common way.  "Christian" is fine.  Maybe even if you name your son Jesus, that's fine.  It's no different than Josh.  But still, some things can border on infringing the 3rd commandment.

Then I thought of other popular songs about the name of Jesus: "Just say Jesus" by Seventh Down.  Natalie Grant has a song about the name of Jesus.  And I noticed that Jesus Culture has a song currently made popular by Tasha Cobbs which is always in my head.  "Break Every Chain."

It seems it was written by William Reagan who is in a band called United Pursuit.  I never heard of it until I heart Tasha singing it overhead at LifeWay.  It's super catchy.  "There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain."  That's basically the lyrics

Negatives: Jesus's name is very powerful, but it is also not a magic word or a good luck charm.  Many people like to use it that way, like it will enhance their worship experience or bring about a better day.

Positives: There really is nothing more powerful than Jesus's name or his Word.  His Word never returns void.  There is no other name under which we can be saved.  At his name every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is lord.

The moral: enjoy the song.  Just have a healthy fear of the name.

C is for Cobb, Tasha.  I just talked about her.  She's very talented and very catchy.

D is for Downhere.  I only have one album by this band.  They are good.  I don't listen to them know but whatever they play I like.  I think my favorite song was "Rock Stars Need Money."  They can't live on baloney sandwiches.

E is for Electric Light Orchestra. I had to have them.  They are my favorite as far as British and oldies go.  It only makes it better when they are featured on Doctor Who.  We all need to hear "Mister Blue Sky" more often in our days!

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