Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I listened to on Holy Week

I totally did not blog last week.  I have more intellectual posts in the oven, but they aren't ready.  I will mention all I listened to in the past week.

Beverly Crawford releases a new album today.  I tried to listen to her some last night but she screams.  I don't get into screaming.  I prefer Erica Campbell or William McDowell.

Needtobreathe also has a new album.  I used to never like the lead singer's voice.  I still don't like it but their new album is quite good.  It has good music and good soul.

Francesca Battistelli has a new album today.  She also has soul, and she's stayed true to the orthodox faith throughout the years.

Anthony Evans is Tony Evans's son and Priscilla Shirer's brother.  If you want some good praise and worship music, listen to him.  I think two of his songs from his newest album are only the best I've ever heard.  They are uplifting and happy.

I'm really impressed with Da TRUTH's new album.

I don't have much more to say this week.  Happy Tuesday!

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