Monday, June 2, 2014

Compilations: Gospel Praise Duets

This compilation became available last Tuesday.  It seems to have a loose definition of duets as people who normally sing together, such as Mary Mary are considered a duet.  JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise are a duet even though they are always together.  I picked four winners from this album.

First one is "Bless the Lord" by Tye Tribbett and GA

It impressed me because normally I'm not impressed with Tye Tribbett.  However, this song is truly about the Lord and he sings most of the time.  I liked the first two songs on this album.  "Shackles" by Mary Mary is overplayed, but since I enjoy Erica Campbell's album, I listened to more of their songs.  "How I Got over" by Vicki Winans and Tim Bowman was fun and enjoyable.  However, it was more about myself rather than relying on the Lord.  Jesus entered this song very little.  Tye Tribbett's contribution is a breath of fresh air that is about Jesus and his worthiness.

Tamela and David Mann had a beautiful love song called "Heaven."

It's mostly about the married couple's love for each other.  Is it about Jesus?  People don't really understand until they are married how much more tangible Jesus's love becomes when you can focus your love on your spouse.  I'm not perfect.  My husband is not perfect.  We still love each other even through misunderstandings and we bring each other closer to the Lord.  Jesus loves me despite all I've done to him.  And I love that he maid marriage to give us a picture of his love for the Church.

The next winner is "The Victor" by JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise:

I hear the name "Victor" and think of Keith Green's song about the resurrection.  Hairston's song did not disappoint me.  I felt like it was an extension of the previous song.  It was about Jesus and how he over comes not just our situations but ourselves.

Finally, I enjoyed "Yes Lord" by Jonathan Nelson and Purpose featuring John McClure.

It's catchy.  It's about Jesus.  It lifts my spirits.  It places my hope on the right place: on Jesus.

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