Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The List: 6-10-14

It looks like last week, I reviewed all the new music that will come out next week: the 17th.  Charmaine, Mali Music, and Chanel from Trin-i-tee 5:7 have new music next week. 

The only band that really stood out to me that puts out new music today is the Michael James Band.  Their songs are catchy, have good lyrics, and the guys are very young.  I would recommend them more for teens and college people.

Last week, an EP came out from Archers Rise.  I thought they were intriguing.  They are another rock band with guys who have no full album from what I can tell.  Everything on YouTube is just an EP.
I think it's time for a full album.  You guys are good enough.

In two weeks, Anita Wilson comes out with an album.  She has had a single out, and people already ask about her.  Two weeks from now.  It's all I can say.

The next band coming out on the 24th is Rekoncyle.  Their name is spelled like a rapper, but they are a rock band that I really enjoy.  They have cool guitar licks that will remind people of PFR, and their songs rock enough to be cool, but are light enough that grandma can enjoy them.

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