Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Compilations: Gotta Have Gospel Classics

At first, I hesitated to listen to this because it seemed like it had the same music as the last compilation that I reviewed.  They both start with "Shackles" by Mary Mary.

However, I enjoyed most of the album.  There is already a series of Gotta Have Gospel albums.  This one features older songs.  Again, I got to listen to singers that I sell at LifeWay that I never listened to before.  In a world where there are singers on Christian labels, this album features true Christians that sing about the true Gospel.

Yolanda Adams is my first winner with "The Battle is the Lord's."  This is an utterly Reformed song that encourages listeners to stop trying to improve their own lives.  God is in control, not me.

 Second place is Donnie McClurkin with "I Call you Faithful."  It starts out using the same lyrics but changing one word with the next verse: I call you holy, I call you faithful, etc.  Then it goes into a different part and is completely focused on Jesus.

Third place is one of my all-time favorites from Israel Houghton, "Again I say Rejoice."  It makes me think of my time at Trevecca when I would sing with the Treble Tones led by DeLise who had kids in the music industry.  It also reminded me of singing in the gospel choir for Trevecca's TNT, our week of PR for teenagers who compete in various contests.  It even reminded me of the church in Franklin, Bethel World Outreach Center, where Israel leads worship.  Many musicians in the Nashville area attend that church.  For a young girl still looking for fame, this song reminds me of good times.  I still love it because it's Scripture and focused on Jesus.  I don't agree with a lot of the things Bethel teaches (they are a more charismatic bunch), but Israel's songs are truly Christian.

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