Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Compilations: Gotee Records turns 20

Gotee Records, the record label founded by TobyMac in 1994 has been around for 20 years.  It has produced successful singers and albums and now celebrates with an album.

I remember my favorite singer being Jennifer Knapp.  I remember the long hiatus and wondering in 2010 what she was doing know.  I still grieve over the lifestyle decision she has made.  She took on the lesbian lifestyle and still tries to insist that it is consistent with Christianity.  Believe me, I've been to the point of loneliness and ennui of following God's Word and then feeling alone and needing love.  I've known what that community thinks is a call to the gay lifestyle.  But it's not.  It's a call to cling tighter to Jesus, ask him to pull you out of this mess, and to love him more than your circumstances.  This is also a time to practice purity and enjoy being single until God finally sends someone for you to marry.  At the same time we should love our friends, but that should not lead to sex.  It should lead to glorifying God.

But this is not about Jennifer Knapp, or gay people.  I still really love her songs which are truly gospel songs.  I hope one day God leads her back to his fold to solid teachers who can better serve her as a single woman and to show her where to put her passion.

This is about Gotee, however.  All of Gotee's current artists: there are four of them according to Wikipedia, and others no longer with them came together and sang some of the most successful songs from Gotee's label.  Two of them are by Jennifer Knapp.

I did not know before that Relient K was ever on Gotee.  I did not know that Out of Eden was the first band signed on it.  I knew about GRITS and John Reuben and other people.  I know about Jamie Grace now.  But I did listen to bands I didn't know before yesterday.

I think first place goes to House of Heroes singing "Stereo."  I didn't hear them sing it but I heard them.  It just shows that after tolerating rap and enjoying the CCM movement, I still love some good rock.  House of Heroes provided that.

Second place is Stephanie Smith.  She has the same name as my mom, but sings music mom would never listen to.  It's good rock music that still sounds like music.  She really reminded me of Paramore. 

And finally, third place goes to Paul Wright.

I think I remember this song from Trevecca days.  It has a good sound.  As far as familiar songs go, it should be the winner.

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