Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The List: 6-3-14

Because I couldn't get it onto the manager's desk.  It's suggestions that people either ask about or ones that I think LifeWay should get.

First are two acts both myself and the customers ask for.
Th'isl, another amazingly lyrically theological rapper who has a new album called Fallen King
Jesus Culture also has a new album.  I can't remember is name.  We do have their CDs on the shelf.  Just not this one.

New for next Tuesday the 10th: the only things that really caught my attention were the Michael James Band and Holly Starr.  They were good, but not really my thing and not a match for Cleveland Avenue.

June 17 is when all the acts come out that are both appealing to me and the LifeWay neighborhood.
Charmaine has an EP.  It's not a full album, but I enjoyed the song "Love Somebody."  Everything featured on newreleasetuesday.com claims to be Christian.  There wasn't anything specifically Christian about her songs, but "Love Somebody" is one I'd like to sing all day at the register.

Jordan Lara is another rapper to watch for.  His EP will come out, meaning later, he will have a full-length album.  He's also a rapper I enjoyed.

Mali Music sounded like a good reggae sound that you'd like to listen to at night driving through the city.

Chanel Haynes from the group Trin-i-tee 5:7 has an album coming.  I liked her music as much as Erica Campbell.  I like Erica better, but Chanel was good.

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