Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busy Times and Reminiscing 2006

One week I am not going to be so overly busy that I can't blog about church history.  It's a risk I take but it's also my passion that I love to share.  Lately, I have to balance between paralegal job, church job, homework, tests and projects, and finding time just to be alone with God and to enjoy time with Tim.  But Spring Break is nigh, and I will hopefully get another post about the Holy Roman Empire into the blogosphere.

I do want to post more stories and ideas gleaned from my personal life.  The one this time is 2006.  2006, I was a junior at Trevecca.  I planned to stay there that summer.  Mom said to do so I need a job and a roommate.  So around March and April, I had a job at an Italian restaurant and planned to live in campus apartments with a friend from my music classes.

By the time summer came, I had no job and no roommate.  The job downsized and other plans came with the latter.  But the campus had me room with another girl, actually a former roommate of the other one.  Then I started a summer class and sat with another friend from my music classes.  She had just moved out from her previous roommate.  We agreed to room together in campus apartments in the fall.  I roomed with her, could live with her, and was still friends with her afterwards!  So, God took care of that situation.

Also, in June, another friend and I walked around Opry Mills filling in job applications.  Later, my best friend of all called to say Rainforest Cafe was hiring people off the street.  So, I drove to the Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills and got a job for five months.  Again, God caused my details to fall into place in an even better way than I had originally planned.

At this point in my life, I feel like I'm heading into the unknown.  I do have plans, but what if something should change that?  So far, that has happened all year but God led me to dating my best friend and working for the world's only ethical criminal defense lawyer.  I must wait in faith for what he will bring me too as I finish up school for the third time.

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