Monday, February 25, 2013

Fantine came to Refuge

I finally saw the movie production of the musical Les Miserables last Friday.  I'll be thinking about that movie for a long time, meaning it was a good one that impacted me.

But I see the anarchic state of France and I see America now.  And then I go on Facebook and see that one post about, "If you don't like abortion, don't get one; if you don't like premarital sex, don't have it, etc..."

I already had one big discussion over the abortion one, and I'm sure I'll have it again and again.  Tonight I will mention Fantine in the movie, portrayed by Anne Hathaway who did an excellent job.

Many people will say, if you don't like prostitution then don't do it.  They're having consensual sex.  They don't see these cases that are more the norm: a woman has a child.  Her baby's daddy leaves.  She gets a job.  She loses the job.  She feels like she has no other option than to cut her hair, knock out her teeth, and have sex with strangers, all for money because people will not hire an unwed mother in a decent job.  (Like there aren't that many unwed mothers in France). 

So, Fantine could choose not to resort to prostitution to feed her child.  But did anybody tell her what other choices she had?  I think not.  She was cut and beaten and humiliated all in the name of sexual freedom.  She was not uplifted by that.  She was thrown aside like she was trash.

If I was advocating Fantine at Refuge, I would point her to the same church that sheltered Jean Valjean, tell her to find her kid, and let them point her to the other options that don't resort to human degradation.

Now back to abortion, aka, I-can't-believe-it's-not-women's-health.  I suppose most of the ladies who get them can choose otherwise.  But in reality, they never feel like they have a choice.  They have parents throwing them out of the house, boyfriend's parents judging them, boyfriends who don't want the responsibility of whatever they put inside her womb, and she herself has no resources and no job to take care of a child.  No one is there to tell them that another loving couple who cannot have children but who can raise one can raise her child.  That other people can come support her as a church family and show her alternatives that do not lead to the death of a human and the lifetime of mental torture his or her mother experiences the rest of her life.  They don't warn her that the surgical procedure will ruin her reproductive system, causing her to have trouble having kids when she is ready, that her chances of breast cancer will increase, that she'll have PTSD, recurring nightmares, won't be able to listen to a vacuum cleaner without flashbacks, and will go for years not being able to forgive herself.  Last time I checked, none of that was healthy for women.  Btw, the chance of getting pieces of baby stuck in her uterus and catching disease and killing her is also not healthy, not to mention the money she'll pay if she does find a surgeon to finish the job.  Oh yeah, it's not very good for the unborn baby either as it's ripped apart and vacuumed in full pain and horror.

But this is what you get when you continue to promote libertine lifestyles.  Some people getting everything they want and most people barely able to live.  This is not freedom.  This is the ultimate lack of choice and lack of meaning in life.  I will not be silent on facebook over that.

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