Thursday, January 19, 2012

And then there were four

Sinners and Saints radio provided a timely topic for this week's show: the Republican primaries.  I must say, that I am not excited about the selection this time among the Republican candidates.  I liked Michele Bachmann the best, but she dropped out real early on.  I liked her because she was the only one consistent on her issues, which I agree with.  She is also kind of boring.

Then I thought Herman Cain might be good.  I also heard that his foreign policy would have much to be desired.  Then his past love affairs hit the fan, and the media shamefully defrocked him while lionizing Newt Gingrich who shows no remorse for his infidelities. 

Now, one by one, the candidates drop out, and it seems I'll make the same decision I made four years ago and vote Romney.  His Mormonism is not a deal-breaker for me.  Mormons are strong, moral people, and although they have no basis for their morality, they still have fine morals even as they have zeal without knowledge.  They are lost souls, but they'd be good leading the country.

The peanut gallery on Sinners and Saints also mentioned issue that I'd never thought of before.  I'm still happily a one-issue voter, that issue being pro-life.  I refuse to vote for someone who is not dedicated to ending legal abortion, even in the rape and incest cases.  Murder is murder no matter how the baby was conceived. 

With that behind, I would like to find a good Christian.  Romney is not that guy.  If I vote for anyone else, it will probably be Rick Santorum, although he also does not have the charisma to trump Barack Obla-bla, though he'd be a fine president and I won't have voted for him before. 

Back to Sinners and Saints, the guys mentioned finding someone who is not so eager to go to war.  It's how Obla-bla got elected, though he brought us into more wars when we should just mind our own business.  I do feel like the war on Iraq was just, but could never prove it.  It was more preventative, and we prevented what we wanted to prevent.  However, just as many lives are lost as there would have been had Saddam survived and had nuclear weapons.  It seems we'll never be out of there.  As a good Republican, I support capitol punishment, guns, and just war, but I don't want someone who associates the GOP with guns and rednecks.  We need sanctity for life that has been born and has grown up.  Can we have that sanctity if we are so eager to see who we can whoop next?  I do believe it is time to fight the likes of Iran and North Korea, but we should not be happy about it.

They also mentioned the gay marriage issue.  We should never allow it as homosexuality is not only gross, perverted, against the Lord, but it also prevents reproduction and causes a nation to weaken as we lose our numbers.  It tears down a society.  Just ask Sodom and even ancient Greece.  And back to right-wing Christian issues, it's a tragedy to give an innocent child to be raised by a gay couple and grow up sexually confused himself.  We'll have more Lady Gagas and Baby Monsters on our hand than ever if we promote gay marriage.  Mitt Romney, although pro-life, has helped gay people get married in Massachusetts.  And he hasn't been consistent with his issues.

Santorum is consistently pro-life, but he also believes in welfare programs and has supported pro-choice candidates in the past at the expense of really excellent pro-lifers.  I still think he'd be a good vote, but if I vote for him, will it just keep Obla-bla in the White House.

All I know is I'll take anyone over Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich.  I'd even have a hard time choosing them over Obla-bla, who we desperately need to oust.

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