Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shriveled Hand

I feel like Sunday School lessons have been going really well the past three weeks.  We've had few distractions, discipline, and our activities took the whole time.  Is this a good thing or are we going to spice things up in a bit?  I like it for now, but I do miss my number one troublemaker.  She hasn't come since the Christmas play, and I miss her.  We've also had regulars be out of commission, too.  I bet I have full house next week.

This week, Jesus asserts his authority over the Sabbath day and over sickness.  We recapped last week's lesson on the lowered paralytic.  Jesus asserted his authority over sin.  He has this authority because he is God and there is no higher authority.

There wasn't any amazing visual effect or discussion.  We did do an activity where we made a decoder and unscrambled a phrase that turned out to be the first part of the Great commission: all authority on heaven and earth have been given to me.

We also had a boy!  His mother came in with him so that he would come, although he's usually a really sweet boy. 

The main lessons: Don't let God be a reason why you neglect to do good.  The Pharisees let the Sabbath be their excuse for ignoring the poor and needy.  Jesus hated this attitude and healed a man anyway.  They don't like the idea that they can't be in control, so they plot to kill Jesus and then continue in their laziness in ignoring men with shriveled hands. 

Also, as always, the lesson is that Jesus is God and has the last word in any issue.  We must use his commands to do good and not to be lazy.

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