Monday, December 19, 2011

Awkward Church

This won't be a long post.  I'm tired and have had little sleep this weekend.  Yesterday's children's lesson was really bizarre and if I teach it again, I'm going to try harder to circumvent circum-whatever.

You see, I made it safely through the stories of Abraham having Ishmael with Hagar, Jacob marrying 4 wives, Joseph being tempted by Mrs. Potiphar, and yesterday, I taught on Jesus being presented in the temple.  How I got through Abraham's story without bringing up circumcision because the lessons narrowly avoided it.  I felt I could not get around Jesus's circumcision today.  I just had to talk about that, how before Jesus came, men had to be cut, then Jesus's who life was cut off, and now we no longer have to be cut, we are baptized.  That's why women can join in the fun and Gentiles.  It's why the Presbyterians insist on infant baptism, not to erase the child's original sin, but because the child needs to be dead in Christ's blood from birth, and he needs that same blood to raise him to life as a New Man or Woman of Christ.  Also, believing parents must baptize the child, or perhaps some sponsor.  Not some unwed mother who still doesn't get what she did wrong.  In that case, raise the child in the faith and then let him decide to be baptized.  But other than that, two believing married parents can baptize their child, just as Jewish children were circumcised on the 8th day of their lives.

Back to my lesson yesterday: I briefly explained that it's a surgery that only boys can have.  Then I just had to add that it involves cutting the part that only boys have.  That went to far.  Maybe next time I teach the lesson I won't add that.  That was my error.  I need to remember, I'm surrounded by 3rd grade girls.  They kept asking, did they really cut that?  Eww.  Do girls get cut?  No, they don't.  They are considered that way when they marry one who is.  Oh well.  I don't mind getting calls from parents.  I just hope they don't call the pastor first.  Just to be safe, I did tell the adult Sunday School to pray because I would be approaching the awkward topic of circumcision.  I felt like I got to a place where I could not avoid it.  Shannon the man said he talks about it to his children, who also say eww, but then again, none of his children were in there that morning, and none of their parents were in Sunday School.

Today I got to relax, chill with my friend in my home church's cemetery, and I started singing a song.  That inspired me to record it.  Enjoy.

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