Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Facts

I'm reading through Anne of Green Gables again.  Have I talked about that yet on this blog?  Oh well.  I really love that book.  I wish we could go back to a time when we could openly call someone "bosom friend" without getting strange looks.  I already have some friends who have to endure me calling them that now.

James White posted a timely video rebutting Michael Voris over the Immaculate Deception, I mean, conception.  I only wish he had cited the early church fathers that he quotes because now I want to read them. does not have a very good search tool.  I go to a topic and I know they have way more than listed on that one page on said topic, but they don't have a link to page 2.

I want to hear more paedobaptistic rebuttals of Catholicism.  R.C. Sproul speaks freely on it, and in a loving way that I think my Catholic BFF could tolerate, but he kind of compromises, too.  I found myself compromising as I do find ways where I very much agree with them.  I've found more ways than I even realized.  Either that or my friend truly is saved but still clings to their bizarre superstitions.  I mean, my friend is the one that got onto me about Twilight.  If nothing else, she's at least elect.  If only I could get her reading the Bible and to be assured of her salvation and not feel like she has to clean all the time. 

I still think of Jesus healing the paralytic in Mark 2, and I do believe some people are saved because other godly people love them.  Of course, no one would have that love had God not placed that love in us in the first place.  However, if I really love people, I need to talk about what I believe even if it does offend them. 

It's still a good thirty minutes before I leave for this party.  I'm pretty hungry. 

I look forward to seeing my cousins come over for our annual gathering.  I look forward to it being over, too.  I get so many things I need to do this time of year, I'm actually glad it's not Christmas, just Advent.  Christmas starts on December 25, ends on January 6, and really lasts 12 days because of the liturgical calender.  I think Hanukkah overlaps with Christmas this year.  Jesus celebrated it.  I don't.  But I do celebrate Christmas all year. 

Happy December 16 to all and to all a good night!

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