Friday, January 13, 2012

Calm the Storm

I really like that my Thursdays opened up and that I can attend Shepherd's Staff again.  Trinity EPC is involved in this local ministry which has a food pantry, prayer chain, a Thursday night supper and Bible study, and much recovery and aid for people in troubled situations.  I got to go to the Bible study the past two weeks.

Shannon the man taught the group about Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee in Mark 4.  One thing that stuck out, and I had never thought of before, is how the disciples had Jesus in the boat with them.  They were still afraid even though they could see and touch Jesus, even wake him up.  Why were they so afraid?  Did they not know that Jesus has authority over all events and all people?

They must have still been new to the ministry with Jesus and not had the hindsight of a completed Bible like we have.  But I think in my life: I've been called to youth ministry since 2006, but since then I have wrestled with the Lord over friends, studies, decisions, mom's death, moving back home again, not finding enough work, things not going my way, and being absolutely scared that I'll never go anywhere in life.  I suffer psychological attacks from Satan all the time in the form of fellow churchians giving me suggestions, criticisms, complaints; my dad thinking my lessons are too ambitions (while I think he's too seeker sensitive); and as always paranoia over friends not liking me enough, basic insecurity issues.  Where is Jesus in all this?  Everywhere.  Where am I in all this?  Looking everywhere except to him.  How can I do this better?  Jesus is just going to have to wake me and say "You of little faith.  Why do you doubt?"

But I'm in good company.  John the Baptist, the one man born with the Holy Spirit, who identified Jesus publicly as the one to come, got in prison and had to ask Jesus if he really was the Messiah.

But when they doubt, they do the right thing and come to Jesus to have it sorted out.  And he does sort it out.  Whether he sends John's disciples to remind him of the miracles or reclaims John as his brother at the cross, he kindly reinstates his beloved back into faith and back into the right direction.

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