Saturday, January 28, 2012

Facets of facts

I have not been to blogger in three days. 

The weather has been really nice in Georgia though one can never tell what weather it wants.

I played my original songs again after a year of not playing them.  I even decided to upload them to YouTube.  Again.

Here's what I sang last night for the Clayton State BCM talent show:

No, I did not eat a lemon in time for the thumbnail photo.  That's just an unfortunate photo.

Here's what I would have sang had I had the time:

There was a goof off band last night, who called themselves "Deus Ex Machina."  That's great, because I would have sang that song.

Be afraid.  We're going to try to do origami in Children's Church again tomorrow.  This time it will be the boat Jesus was in when he calmed the storm.  Maybe I should sell it on eBay.  It will look crumpled no matter what.

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