Monday, January 30, 2012

Calming the Storm

This Sunday, the 4th in my series on Jesus's Miracles, was probably the first lesson that was not as dynamic as the others.  It's probably because I attempted to make an origami boat.  I always lose the kids when it comes to folding paper.

In fact, I didn't feel like I really had them when I got to the lesson.  Emily read Mark 4 in the NIV.  Alexis insisted on reading it from her Precious Moments Bible (different translation).  So we got two different readings.  Then I asked them if anything ever made them afraid.  Many said storms.  What would they do?  Just run to the bathroom and stand in the tub.  One even averred that she'd never face any fear she couldn't just face.  I told her, "Believe me, you will some day."  Every January, I always feel distant from God and that scares me, but he's not asleep at the back of the boat.  I can wake him, but he already knows what he will do.  Even if he rebukes you for your lack of faith, it is still better to go to him when you are overwhelmed than to just try to face your fear.  I never did get that across yesterday.  I might just need to re-do this lesson.

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