Saturday, January 14, 2012


R.C. Sproul had two sermons from Romans linked in the recommended links on his daily devotional on the webpage.  With him, I heard a concept on hope that I might have heard but never sunk in before.

Christian hope is different than hope from anywhere else.  I can think of many things to hope for: I hope for a job, a husband, healthy children who don't rebel, and to travel the world.  I am not certain any of that will happen.  I'm not even certain that I'll survive tomorrow.  But hope in God is different.  We hope in God because he keeps all his promises and we know that he will act and return to earth someday, putting an end to all sin. 

This isn't just a hope we glory in, it's one we boast about to the world.  We are certain that Jesus will return and save his elect because of his actions in the past of coming, dying, and rising again.

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