Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Lost City of Atlanta

I recently viewed the video The Candy Shop.  This video is heartbreaking.  And the thing is, it's not just happening in Thailand, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, it's happening here in Atlanta.  In fact, it's happening all over the country.  The fact that it happens at all is one of the many tragic consequences of a fallen world and where we all have sin pumping through our blood and where sometimes God allows just a glimpse of what happens when he pulls back some of his common grace.

Theology aside, one of the many reasons I started volunteering at a pregnancy center was to not only help stop abortion, but to inform young ladies, most of who think they are Christians, that sex outside of marriage is not God's will for them.  He's not trying to be stodgy and limit your freedom, he's wanting to protect your heart and your life.  Freedom is not the ability to sin, but letting God take away your desire and ability to sin.  It's only in God's will that we are free and satisfied, and yes, even have better sex lives. 

And many of these girls think that they are voluntarily giving up their virginities to boys who have no jobs, who move in with the girls' parents, who don't drive, who don't want to get married and who certainly want to commit.  But no, they've been lied to by the media their whole lives and think that sex is just recreational like riding a bike.  That if you aren't married but committed than God has changed his mind that it's alright.  And the church is most to blame because they never talk about sex openly in church, and when a young girl or woman gets pregnant, we act like they did nothing wrong.  Why do you think the PCUSA is in the trouble it's in?  Because we compromised the truth and decided we didn't want to offend people by saying the word sex.

Now, back to the Candy Shop.  These aforementioned girls are in the Candy Shop as much as young children who were forced into it by predators.  And this is happening in Atlanta.  I'm reading a blog by a man who has a heart for Chicago.  That is truly a gift.  I could never love Chicago that way.  But I was raised in Atlanta's suburbs, I don't know a more gorgeous city, it has rich history and landmarks, and the inside of 285 is as unchurched as any European country.  Even my formerly conservative county of Rockdale has been infiltrated by Obama worshipers and people who roam the streets like they are animals.  They were raised in churches that told them to believe in themselves and threw in Scripture to support their views, but they never got to know God and his desire to save them from a very real hell.  They already live in hell, and I would love to reach Atlanta with the true gospel.  Not morals, not character traits, but the Gospel.

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