Friday, July 1, 2011

Walking to Cincinnati

One day at Newport on the Levee on Kentucky's northern border
I had a sudden urge to use the bridge and go across the water

The Purple People bridge connects Kentucky to Ohio
So I need to set foot on it and told Dad and brother Good-bye-o

Along the bridge the city loomed, a barge of sand went under
A band on shore played many hits by ELO and Chicago

The band was heard for miles around from hotels to those restaurants.
Even the Kentucky hillsides soaked in the music the band flaunts.

As my footsteps got closer, I had to look behind at Newport
And pass some guys with their Ipod blaring.  I'd stop them but I'm too short.

And there I was, the city of Cincinnati in my face.
Too bad I had to turn around once I set foot upon this place.

Savoring the moment, I take one snapshot of the bridge
And venture to the edge and land myself on Ohio's ridge.

A man there snapped a picture of my next to this here sign.
Spurgeon and I both got here, so I guess I cannot whine.

PS -- Does this picture make me look fat?
Spurgeon has a necklace on.  How about that?

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