Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time for thanks

1. Since I thought of them today, Chad, Andy, and Jeff.  They were Nazarenes at my Nazarene school who became Catholic then started a liturgical bible study.  I really appreciated them because, being raised Presbyterian, I felt the Nazarenes could be shallow in their worship.  It hit me, I'm not convinced that many people who follow Trevecca doctrine are Protestant.  These three guys were smart enough to realize it and did something about it.  And ironically, I felt more Presbyterian around them.

2. My Presbyterian heritage.  I was raised in a godly family that believed in grace that God gives that I could never earn.  I'm happy to know I can't lose my salvation and that God will keep me holy so I don't have to lose sleep over it.  I'm also glad I was baptized as an infant so that no one coerced me into making a decision before I was ready.

3.  My home.  I'm glad in this dry economy that I have a place to sleep and a lot of privacy.

4.  My dad.  As much as I love him, he still gets on my nerves, yet he still lets me freeload off of him.  And he's a godly man who never left me or my brother or my mom.

5. Starbucks.  I'm glad they have diet caffeine free stuff.  There music is usually okay.  I'm not thankful for terrible song covers, but I am generally thankful for indie music.

6.  Internet.  I'm Gen Y, what more need by said.  All my friends live in my computer.

7. Dark Chocolate.  It's a MUFA.  Look up Flat Belly diet to see what I'm talking about.

8.  My home church even though I'm not member there.  They're still PCUSA and stay that way lest the Presbyqueerian pirates steal their property, but they are conservative and believe the Bible.  Their annual campmeeting had some amazing preachers (one was PCA with a Scottish accent, the other a Baptist and more of a Schmoozer) who both affirm Christ as the only way to heaven.

9. Disc golf.  I played it Monday after a month of not.  It's amazing how that disc flies even after not practicing.  I feel like that double rainbow guy when I play it.

10. My salvation.  It's truly a miracle that God would save anyone or even die to do so when he didn't have to.

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