Friday, June 17, 2011

Never Move On

Last year, I discovered this lady on XM radio and was automatically drawn by her profound lyrics.  She is the worship leader at James MacDonald's Church, Harvest Bible Chapel.  She's about 29, and there is no doubt that her songs are specifically singing to or about Christ.  These aren't New Age positive messages, this is real Gospel singing.

I decided to showcase this song because of my constant battle against "New Kinds of Christianity" that creep into the church unnoticed due to people not checking their Bibles to see if what people say lines up with what Christ said.  First Brian McLaren cropped up with his New Kind of Christian, which, to borrow a phrase, is neither new nor Christian.  Then he duped Rob Bell into tossing out Sola Scriptura in favor of loving people and building heaven on earth. 

The key line in this song, "Never Move On" is, "I don't need a new truth.  All I need is more of you.  Do the Cross I will run for all my Savior has done.  I will stay here never move on."  Listen to this song and then move on to more of Meredith's stuff.  You'll be impressed.

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