Friday, June 10, 2011

Excellent John MacArthur Sermon

I know, all of John MacArthur's sermons are excellent.  But this one totally changed the course of my blog tonight.

In this sermon, MacA highlights very thoroughly attacks on the Bible from the Fall of Man in Genesis 3 to the Jesus Seminar today.  It confirms many things in my mind.

First thing, the PCA denomination is not as conservative as it thinks it is.  He quotes a passage from a Reformed magazine by a PCA pastor about how the Bible is not completely authoritative.  If I recall, this is how the PCUSA got into the trouble it's in back in the days of Karl Barth.  Now the PCA is going this route.  All too often I see PCA people fudging on topics that should be obvious.  Tim Keller supports evolution and BioLogos which claims to be Christian but won't even give credit to intelligent design, much less young earth creationism.  A PCA friend fell into Rob Bell's teachings and didn't understand why I had to rebuke her.  Granted I did it in the comments section on facebook and not in a private message.  But still, it needed to be done.  And now, this anonymous guy writing this article in this reformed magazine.  It makes no sense to stick with complementarianism when you can't even believe Sola Scriptura anymore.  You just become average chauvinists.

Next, I'm even more against the Shack now.  Before watching this, I thought the only thing I did like about the book was its portrayal of the Trinity.  Now, MacA quotes some guy from the 80s who decided that the Trinity was three people who were united by love and who wanted to draw as many children in by love and understanding.  This is totally reflected in the Shack.  It's no wonder I can't read past the fifth chapter of the book.  I finished Velvet Elvis.  I cannot finish the Shack.

Finally, "anyone that claims continued revelation attacks the Bible."  Amen.  There are plenty of people out there who I respect such as Pat Robertson (gotta stick by the Republicans) who are claiming Words of Knowledge but then turn around and say "prophecies" about Haiti that are totally inappropriate.  But we need no more revelation than what God has clearly given us through Jesus and the Bible.  Any extra revelation led to many cults such as Mormanism and even Islam.  If the Holy Spirit truly tells you something then it's going to be found in Scripture, not some word telling you to brush a stranger's hair in the airport.

Any other ideas people?  Watch the video.  It'll be the most riveting hour of your life.  Never mind the idiot audience laughing like the annoying kid at a movie that won't shut up.  Pay attention to what MacArthur says.


  1. I can't believe you finished Velvet Elvis. I couldn't finish it. It was riddled with errors that I had to put it down. Believe it or not I actually cried. It's just hard to believe how far we've come in such a short time. Even worse, my girlfriend is the one that let me borrow it. She said it was not heretical and that only Love Wins is. As you can understand, I felt like setting myself on fire...just kidding :)


  2. O Meghan, you have no idea what it is like to go to a church where people think that God is speaking to them. And then when they say what it is that God is saying, it is completely from left field, almost non-biblical. I have to restrain myself. This past Sunday it got pretty bad. I just hope I can continue to be loving and not loose my cool.