Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creation Museum photos

This is the entrance hall to the museum where a child and a dinosaur play together.  This comes from the belief that dinosaurs did live at the same time as humans and even lived in the ADs.  Why do you think we have ideas of dragons in the first place?

The burning tree mastodon which Answers in Genesis can explain slightly better.  If I recall, this is a replica.

Two more mastodons, my dad and Andrew, standing nearby.

The 7 Cs of Creation on one display.

Models of geologists digging for dinosaurs.  The one bald man is actually in the video at the end of the tour, "The Last Adam."  In this room, AiG explains that secularists and Christians all have the same evidence, we just interpret them from different worldviews.

This could be a future facebook picture.  I'm standing in a tent in the same room as the plastic geologists.

Gotta have a dinosaur.

Adam names all the animals.

At some point, my camera broke down because the gift shop failed to distinguish between camera batteries and cheap-o batteries.  I'm back in the entrance hall after lunch about to go into the museum again.

These guys from right to left are David, Moses, and I some prophet.  They represent the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings, God's revelation before Christ.

Peter and John peer into the empty tomb.  Christ is risen indeed, therefore, the words he gave us in the Bible are completely true.

This is Paul.  He wrote a majority of the New Testament.  God gave him the words to write.

These are modern days when people, even Christians, throw out God's word and replace it with their words.  Just like Eve and Adam wanted to make their own rules and eat the fruit, we still haven't learned from our mistakes.  This sign is the entrance to a hall that shows domestic abuse, pregnant teens seeking abortions, preachers preaching that Genesis is myth, and other atrocities.

Back in creation, These are some zebra horses that Adam names.

Here is a dinosaur in the same room.  If we believe the Bible correctly, then we believe God created a perfect world.  Therefore, nothing died before the fall of man.  Ergo, dinosaurs lived with humans.

This dinosaur wants me to get the camera out of its face.  It's eating.

Took some pictures of plaques because most people won't see this museum.  Dinosaurs only ate plants before the fall of man.

Adam and Eve had the perfect marriage.  Nobody can say that today.

Then a serpent came along and said, "Did God really say?"  Eve believed him, she and Adam ate the fruit, and we've been questioning God's word ever since, even throwing out obvious evidence of dragons and the Flood because "we know that didn't happen."

Now that there is sin, animals have to die.  Humans can't enter God's presence unless blood is spilled.  It should be our blood but God in his mercy was satisfied with an animal, though temporary.  He covered them from head to toe with skin clothes.  Later on, Jesus provided the perfect blood that will suffice for all time.

More plaques contrasting God's perfect world with our Corrupted world.

Dinosaurs now eat meat.

"The creation is no longer perfect, as God originally designed it, because in Adam, we committed high treason against the God of creation."

At this point, God's had enough and is going to show how seriously he takes sin by sending a worldwide flood.  In his mercy he spares Noah and his family.  Noah obeys God and builds an ark.

Noah pleads with his neighbors to join him on the ark, and this display even shows them helping Noah build, but people are foolishly complacent in this world and refuse to see something beyond it.

And basically, any old-looking rocks, rock layers, buried bones, can all be explained by a year-long global flood.

This is the tower of Babel room, when God confused languages and cultures were born.  The top picture is a couple with twin girls: one is black, one is white.  Their biological children.  Thus, there is really no such thing as race.

Evolutionists would rather see us as animals with no creator and no purpose.  With God and meaning out of the way, then who's to say that the Holocaust, abortion, slavery and lynchings are bad?  It's just population control.

But factor in God's word, and we erase racism.  We see all people as valuable to God and as our relatives.  To assault another person is to assault God's image, making murder so heinous.

Babel was also the birth of false religions.

I really wish that the museum had expounded on the last three Cs: Christ, Cross, and Consummation.  They pulled them all into one video.  I did see a place where they were building, so maybe there will be more in the future.  Of course, to have the good news, you need the bad news.  It makes God's mercy so much more amazing.

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