Saturday, June 25, 2011

politics time -- thoughts on the Bachwomann

In just about seven months the Primary Elections will start.  Up until now I have not been excited about any of the Republican candidates running for president.  Now that Michele Bachmann is running, I can finally vote for someone who didn't run last time, isn't old, and is likely to beat Obama.  I'm still not as excited as when Sarah Palin joined the McCain ticket in 2008, but I'm definitely excited.  I think Bachmann will be an excellent candidate and will do so much that Palin could never do.  Also, she seems like she has a head on her shoulders. 

Now, I will always be a fan of Sarah Palin, but after her brutal beating in 2008, and after leaving the governorship soon after, she's not really ready for the hardest job in the world.  She's an excellent cheerleader and commentator but even Palin has never said that she's running.  If brought up in an interview she always dodges the question.  The country very much needs someone like Palin and I think Bachmann is just the one to do it.

At this point, I should inject some of my Christian faith into this.  America is not my eternal destination.  It is not the promised land.  My citizenship is in heaven, and neither political party can save me from my sins.  I figured out after reading Sarah Palin's book America By Heart, that while Democrats think that they are Jesus and can save this world and build heaven on it, Republicans think that America is heaven.  It's very much not and becomes less of a Christian nation all the time.  In fact, it's more anti-Christian than it's ever been.  It especially drives me nuts when people quote, "Greater love has no one than this than he lay down his life for his friends," and apply it to soldiers.  That's blasphemous.  The soldiers did not pay for my sins or provide a perfect sacrifice to appease God's wrath.  I'm proud of those men and women who fight for freedom every day but they did not lay down their lives for my salvation.  Christ made his statement only for him, that he loves us so much that he will pay the penalty that we deserve to pay but can't. 

Either way, I still live here, so I need to vote for my leaders as long as God allows me to live here.  I refuse to vote for anyone who supports abortion, even in rape and incest.  It's my one issue, and if you can't trust people with it, then what can you trust them with?  Bachmann has lived out her pro-life by having many children, fostering children, and voting against tax raises, especially in Obamacare.  And either way, this next video just gets me excited.:

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