Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giving Thanks

I'm kind of inspired by Pilgrim Mommy or Persis who keeps a blog called Tried by Fire.  She writes a thankful list every Thursday in keeping with Thanksgiving.  I can't say I'll do this every Thursday, especially since today is Wednesday, but I do this often in my prayer list.  Usually I have a long list that takes me more than a week to pray through every name, and when I'm done I start over.

So, I'm like a DJ, I'll sing from a hymn book to pray and dedicate each song to each prayer request and I do about ten songs a day.  But when I start a new page of prayer list, I take one day off to just sing the hymns.  then I take a day to dedicate the songs to things I'm thankful for.  Then I go on with complaints and normal prayer requests.  I start a new list this week, so when I get to the thankful part, I'll post them here.

1.  I'm thankful for the internet.  Seriously.  It's like a blessing and a curse but you realize how you can spread the Gospel with this thing?  You don't even need to leave your pajamas.  Just write a blog.  The Great Commission has never been so lazy.  And I'm so introverted in real life.  When I started a Xanga blog years ago, it's like I started communicating better.  Now I have a Blogger blog.  I hope to keep this up.

2.  I'm thankful that I have a home.  Jesus had no place to lay his head, and I have a whole upstairs to myself.  And it's still clean from when one of my mother friends came over to help me clean when Mary was moving in, but I'll save her for later.

3.  My dad.  My mom was so blessed to have married a guy like him.  My mother passed away two years ago, and my dad does whatever he can for me and my autistic brother.  He lets me live with him for free, pays my taxes, gives me money, and he is a godly man.  I'm so much like him that our personalities clash but deep down, Andy Smith is my hero.

4.  My church, Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  Not only am I thankful for that church, but for the pastor and his wife.  Scott and Debbie Emmons.  I've known them a long time.  Debbie was one of mom's best friend and has been a mother to me the past two years.  I had so much trouble finding a church home out of seminary, and they decided to let me on as their youth pastor.  I've seen the youth group grow from 0 to about 10 if everybody who came came at once.  Nothing short of God's work.  I also joined the church, which probably wouldn't have happened, but I was so wanting to not have my name associated with the PCUSA anymore.  So, now I'm EPC fo reals.

5.  Mary Steward.  She has regularly watched Andrew, my brother, and now she has moved in with us and it gives me so much more freedom.  It gets me out of the house more.  Perhaps I really will find a job now.

6.  I have more time on my hands.  I also have more time to get my Erskine Transcript to Clayton State University.  I had in my head the idea that the application was due June 15.  No, it's July 15.  Whew!  I can breathe now.

7.  My church children.  I love those kids.  They are all different ages, and some come from sad situations, but they are all so sweet, and most of them are pretty profound theologically.  And more testifying to God's veracity, one of my 8th graders accepted Christ at home a few weeks ago and I can tell.  She finally has accepted the Trinity and is really deep when she gives answers.  The Lord has really moved in her family who hadn't really gone to church before they joined us.

8.  The Normans.  They have a 17-year-old boy with many disabilities, including autism and Down's Syndrome.  He has many problems.  I've babysat him for 10 years now.  I'm so thankful that they use me and I even get paid.

9.  Sunshine and lawnchairs.  I live in Hotlanta.  It's been a drought, but I also keep it freezing in my room, so it's like a treat to sit outside in a lawnchair.  I don't have a swimming pool, but if I sweat enough, I feel the same effect.

10.  And it's raining tonight, a much needed rain.  Sadly, the lawnchair, which is made of cloth, will be soaked.  But I may just sit in it tomorrow in my swimsuit.  Then I'll have a swimming pool.  Yay!

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