Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christian Cruise Lines

Inspired by another Eddie Eddings Random Word Challenge:

An actor once slept on a cruise ship
A Christian theme sailed this week
On stage the singers wore halos
Off stage 'twas the pubs they'd seek.

On Thursday the singers would use him
As an extra in some of their skits.
Christ died for this actor's salvation,
So why did he revel like this?

Fine dining and wining, swimming and sun tans
Our actor awoke with a fright.
A pain on his leg and a scratch with his hand,
Saw a leech had latched on in the night.

Then he realized, "I need to resign once ashore.
I won't be asleep in the light anymore.
I'll suffer for Jesus and spread the good news.
Perhaps get a real job. I've got nothing to lose."

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