Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I Said

After years of forsaking Myspace and taking on a YouTube, I decided to open up a blog page!  Maybe it's because I've been following so many blogs on blogger such as Cake Wrecks or Calvinistic Cartoons that I feel I want to start commenting.  Maybe it's because I need to start talking more and not just posting stuff on Facebook. 

So here goes.  I'm Meghan.  I live in Georgia.  I work as a youth pastor in Loganville and in my spare time I wonder where my life is going.  At this point, I have proudly grown my kids' group from 0 to about 9 if I tally up all the kids that have come.  My teen group consists of two twelve-year-olds, one who comes regularly.  I'm very proud of them and praise God because I just give lessons.  I don't market.  I don't know how to attract crowds.  Often I stick with telling the truth, just the way it is, so I should not be popular.  Praise God, he's bringing in my fish.

Yesterday I completely applied to Clayton State University.  As I still live with my dad, I need to make more money.  Being a Calvinist, I know that God has a plan and will lead me to it.  I don't need to worry.  I just need to apply to places.  Being human, I worry constantly if what I'm doing is God's will.  So right now, instead of actively seeking a job, and after one bachelor's degree and one seminary degree (a Master's), I'm going to go to school again, Lord willing.

This blog will mostly consist of me commenting on anything: books, devotional readings, songs, I might post some of my lessons from church, and I'll often talk against emergent people, people who think they give the gospel and don't, and politicians.  I may not always be polite, ladylike, or loving, but I hope God takes over my keyboard and speaks for me so that I can be at least loving.

I may not post every day but I am going to post again today if I can.

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