Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Green Lantern

I saw the Green Lantern this afternoon.  After a wonderful, inspiring day at the Creation Museum yesterday, I now see a friendly pro-evolution movie called the Green Lantern.  I still liked the movie and all, it is a super-hero movie after all, but still.  I have no words. 

One, I can't like a hero who is in bed with one girl at the beginning of the movie and completely in love with a different girl toward the end.  They did that in Iron Man and in Troy.  I can't love a main character who uses girls like tissues. 

And lastly, the Green Lanterns are powered by their will.  It is the most powerful power in the universe.  That must mean that the main enemy is a Calvinist.  Actually, he was the embodiment of fear, but seriously, is that a bad thing?  Isn't the Fear of God the beginning of wisdom?  And are people truly free if they are following their wills?  Remember, there is no Biblical concept of free will, and from our perspective, whenever we use free will, we rebel against God and ruin our lives.  That's not freedom. 

So, the Green Lantern is an okay movie.  I liked Pirates 4 way better.

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