Sunday, June 26, 2011

VBS week 2: Christ's Amazing Birth

Here is my spiel from the morning session:

Here is a question for the adults in the room.  Imagine a woman came to you and told you she was pregnant not because the child has a father, but that God had planted the child inside of her.  How would you react?  Would you think of God’s promise 700 years ago that he would send a savior to our world?  Would you think of a man come to save people from their slavery to sin which leads to death or someone who would socially reform the world we currently see?  Would you believe her when she said an angel had told her she would bear a child who would be said Savior? 
            Mary’s people might not have believed her at first.  Joseph didn’t.  But later on, Jesus did prove himself true.  Let’s recall the past promises.  In Genesis 3:15, just after Adam and Eve had sinned, God said that a child would be born of a woman to crush the serpent’s head.  It happened just that way.  A child was born of a woman but not of a man and through his death and resurrection, he crushed Satan’s empire.
Micah 5:2 – He would be born in Bethlehem.  That happened.
Psalm 72:10-11 – Solomon said that kings would worship him.  When Jesus was about 2, Magi from the east came and worshipped him.
Hosea 11:1—He would come out of Egypt, and he did.  He lived in Egypt to escape Herod’s murder of all young children 2 or younger.
            As you read Jesus's birth yet again, remember what set his birth apart from all others.  Realize that he came for you and worship him like the shepherds and Magi did.  Revel in thanksgiving to God for sending Christ specifically for you.

I knew there would be less kids this Sunday.  I didn't know that I'd only have two kids.  Even so, just having one kid is worth having the VBS.   We went to Sunday School taught by Cathy Cutts with our two girls and a 17-year-old helper.  Cathy first talked about how Scribes would copy Scriptures exactly.  The Scriptures were so special to them that they did not want any dirt or mistake messing up the reading.  They would take a bath, write a word, take another bath, write a word, etc.  They would even pull out a hair from their heads and make sure each letter was one hair's width apart.  Faithfully preserved Old Testament Scriptures foretold exactly how Jesus would be born.  He would be born of a woman who had never had sex, in Bethlehem, and rich men would come to him with gifts for a King, and often these men are called Kings though actually, they were Magi.  There are more prophesies than this that came true; Jesus did not miss one of them.  

During worship time, Aunt Sadie found Christ, and as Ragin' Ronny came to steal the town's candy, all the townsfolk scurried about, worrying about candy, while Sadie sat contentedly by reading her Bible.  (this is a skit, for those confused).

Here is my spiel after that:

             Looks like these people need a lot of help.  What are these people worried about?  Is there anyone who isn’t worried?  (Sadie)  Why is Sadie so happy all of a sudden?  (She found Christ).  While the other people are hustling around hiding their M&Ms, Sadie sits quietly and reads her Bible. 
            We all need someone to save us from the evils of this world.  Many people try wars, peace, policemen, Global warming summits, and all kinds of gimmicks to save the planet.  What they have forgotten is that Jesus has already saved it.  He has saved this planet and all the people who will be with him for eternity.  So, while the world panics over unimportant things and rejoices in false saviors, we need to remember a God who came to earth as a baby by a mother but not by a father, who never sinned, and who paid the perfect price that we could never pay to get us out of hell for eternity.  Amen!  Now, the kids are going to go with me for crafts, song motions, and reviewing of the lessons!

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