Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Racist Republican? Far from It

Today's post is in response to this chapter from Ann Coulter's next book:  I'm still new to Blogger so it's not hyperlinked.

As a Republican who is angry at our "change," I agree with Ann Coulter 99% of the time.  I agree with her wholeheartedly on this article.  Democrats are racist.  And not just before Civil Rights won, but we can start there.  First of all, slaves got freed under a Republican president, the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.  He was not completely anti-slavery, but they were freed under him.  Fast forward to the south before 1970: George Wallace, Bull Connor, the Ku Klux Klan, and all racists were democrats.  In Ann's article, all the segregationists in the senate remained Democrat except for Strom Thurmand.  It was such unfairness that caused Condoleezza Rice's father to become Republican, as said not in this article, but in her book Ordinary, Extraordinary People

You can read the article yourself, but I will go on to two more democrat hot topics: abortion and evolution.  I'll start with evolution because it leads to all other injustices against humanity.  If people are evolved animals, that means we are just animals and that we can kill whoever we want, especially the weak since they will die anyway.  The Bible says we were created in 6 days, that God started humanity in Asia, that we already knew agriculture and technology, and that there was no death, suffering, sin, violence, or cancer before the fall of man.

Evolution says we were created after millions of years of suffering, violence, earthquakes, cancer, and tragedy, we had to learn everything like animals, and Christians will sometimes say that God decided to man Adam and Eve sentient beings.  And guess where we started out!  Africa.  Why would atheist evolutionists think this?  Because they think that black people are primitive.  Who mostly supports this?  Democrats.  They are the ones who have made public education communistic and promote their agendas, and they are the main catalysts for leading children astray.

Abortion stems from this.  After the Civil War came Reconstruction.  People did not teach the newly freed black people who to function in society.  Margaret Sanger realized this and thought that the solution would be eugenics, to slowly kill the unborn babies to deplete the black population.  Her organization is now called Planned Parenthood.  The Democrats stop at nothing to support Planned Parenthood and abortion.  Why?  Because they're racist.  What is the biggest killer of black people today?  Abortion.  They get abortions more than any other race.  This is not only a slap in the face to African Americans but to the poor and destitute.  Can someone say Hitler?

Lastly, when did people decide we had our first black president?  When Bill Clinton was in office.  When did they decide this?  When he was having his affairs with Monica Lewinsky.  The people who decided this were Democrats.  They couldn't point to good things that the black people have done, but their stereotypical misbehavior, thus pegging them as animals and saying they have no other choice. 

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