Sunday, July 3, 2011

VBS week 3-- Jesus is Radical: His miracles and sayings

Here is my 9:30 spiel:
            Imagine for a while that Austin started hanging out with an oddball.  One day, they hang out in the desert, they talk about a kingdom that’s not in this world.  One day, Austin comes home and says this Kook is the one everyone has been waiting for to bring freedom from the enemy.  What would you think?
            So, you decide to follow this man.  He says a lot of crazy things like turning the other cheek when someone hits it, or loving your enemies, or even that he’s God.  Then he displays powers: he heals incurable diseases like leprosy, blind people can see, a wedding runs out of wine, so out of water he supplies the best wine ever, and he even raises the dead.  Could he really be the one you are waiting for? 
            Today, we’re going to study the things Jesus said and did.  We may even touch on what other religions say about him.  He is so much greater, more holy, and more better than us, in fact, he’s our perfect God.  Yet God calls us to listen to him and even follow his example.  He is such a mystery.

 Here is my talk after the skit at 11:00 when we found empty candy wrappers, helping us further to catch Ragin' Ronny!
            Looks like we’re getting closer to getting Ronny.  Even the empty wrappers could be considered some backwards miracle.  Speaking of miracles, that’s what we’re talking about today.  What are some miracles we mentioned today?  I’ll briefly mention God’s greatest miracle. 
            Once upon a time, God created this world.  He created it perfect.  There was no suffering, sickness, or death.  He then created Adam and Eve and told them they could do anything and eat any plant, except don’t eat from a certain tree.  They ate from that certain tree and had to be separated from God.  Soon, bad things happened.  Their first son, Cain, murdered his brother Abel.  Then all people decided that they did not want God as their creator, so God decided to send a flood on the whole earth and kill everybody.  In his mercy, he saved Noah’s family and started again.  God had no reason to forgive us, but he sent Jesus to live a perfect life, to die the perfect sacrifice on the cross, and then raise again, showing he defeated death.  That’s the greatest miracle of all.  Now, if only he could help us get Ronny!  Come with me for crafts!

Because Blogger is stupid at the moment, I'll post videos of my VBS lessons separately.  Groan

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