Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Red and Yellow, Black and White

I started reading One Race, One Blood by Ken Ham and Charles Ware.  This book is a powerful statement on how evolutionary thinking leads to racism.  This is an issue I greatly care about, and I think the race card is the strongest argument about why you should not believe in evolution, especially as a Christian.

Ken's first chapter, "Darwin's Garden" retells the tragic story of Ota Benga, and African Pygmy who ended up in the Bronx Zoo.  Evolutionary thinking led people to believe that Africans were a more primitive species than the superior white man.  Pygmies, being less than 5 feet, are the closest link to the apes we supposedly came from.  Ota Benga was a decent man with one wife and two children.  However, white people slaughtered his family and enslaved him and other pygmies.  They were on display at the World's Fair in St. Louis.  The white people would laugh and poke them and eventually they killed all except Benga in moblike fashions.  Later on, the sole surviving Benga was captured and held on display in the Bronx Zoo along with a chimp.

Due to protests from black congregations he was released.  He was allowed to serve at a black church, but since he could not find a way home and would never see his family again, he committed suicide.  Where were the Christians in all this?  Since they accepted the Darwinists' proposal of millions of years and evolution, they began to believe that blacks were less human.  Even today in Australia, evangelicals refrain from witnessing to Aborigines because they aren't really human.

Evolutionary thinking led to Hitler creating his master race, Margaret Sanger wanting to prevent black people from reproducing and killing their babies through abortion, and later on starting Planned Parenthood, and even today, blacks themselves are convinced that they are animals so they live like animals, sleeping with whoever they can find, committing crimes, and walking around the streets in front of cars.  This is beyond tragic.

In recent years, I have developed a heart for black people.  I'm ashamed of what whites have done to them in the name of the Lord.  Maybe it's because I see more of them at my pregnancy center, maybe it's because I'm surrounded by them in my community, but I long to help them to find value in themselves as children of Adam created in the image of God.  When we believe the Bible the way it is meant to be believed from the first verse, we see that all people came from Adam and Noah.  After the tower of Babel they separated and certain groups developed genetic dispositions for dark skin, some for pasty white skin, and some for slanted eyes.  The truth is, there is no such thing as race.  There is no Biblical concept for it.  It only developed during evolution's heyday when people decided that there were different species of human and rejected the Bible's account of Genesis.

If you can, go onto Answers in Genesis and read all their articles.  I hope they change your life like they changed mine. 

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