Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas has started

While the Holidays started shortly before Halloween, I've finally started Christmas.  Last Wednesday with the kids, we painted the set to our play.  And then we practiced, then painted a nativity set.  Sunday we used the nativity set for a Christmas skit that was in my lessons.  We just sat and read it readers' theater.  When we needed an angel or a shepherd, we'd put them in the center of the table and sang some songs.  It was really nice. 

The Herndons were with their maternal grandparents.  I've been so used to seeing them every week.  There's always such a void without them.  I think when I'm done listening to the first RC Sproul disc that I got in the mail, I may loan it to Aubrie for personal Sunday School.  They're about Christmas and they are quite heart-warming.  RC has such a good radio voice.  It sounds like the narrator on A Christmas Story.  Just warm, joyful, a voice that feels like family.  And his Christmas messages are such a way that you feel like you're already at a Christmas Eve service.

I sang a song yesterday.  The "Covenant Song" by Caedmon's Call.  I thought it was a good culmination to our semester with the Patriarchs.  Got many compliments.  I was real proud of Madison because she was really good with the 6-year-old who is really willful.  She was such a help.

Now, I get ready for Thanksgiving and the end of my semester at Clayton.

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