Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pharaoh Pharaoh

Another weird day where I did an hour of driving and didn't leave my town.  Part of that driving included turning around to get my cell phone.  It was right next to my brain, charging. 

I'm really excited about our new era at Trinity where we have Herndons every week for at least a year.  We'll get so much done.

For the kids' lesson, we'll have palm trunks, a quiz game, and a leave on each palm trunk for each correct answer.  Then we'll read a bit of Genesis 41, answer a question, and put a picture for that answer on some steps.  I've decided that the glue is banned for now.  The kids will have to just pass around the tape.  Then we'll have communion, in the sanctuary because it's communion Sunday, and this time stay there because I miss singing the hymns. 

For the teen, we'll speed through Genesis 37 to 40, and I'll give her chapter 38 for homework.  I want more people to know about Judah.  Despite his seedy story, he still is Christ's ancestor, and people need to notice how he rises to the forefront.  His story is more impressive than Joseph.  But it's still fun how Joseph starts out as Jacob's favorite, brags about his dreams, and I do agree that he was a spoiled brat.  Mom thought he was perfect, but I agree to the spoiled brat theory. 

It took unfair incarceration, being framed by Mrs. Potiphar, and more jail time, to make him the godly man that we remember.  Joseph had to get away from Jacob to see God while Judah got to know God through his grace alone.  It took impregnating Tamar, accusing her of whoredom, and then her accusing him back, for him to finally take responsibility for his actions, eventually offer his life for Benjamin, and become the true eldest son of Jacob, the one man God chose for Christ's lineage.

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