Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm thankful that we have more than enough kids for a good Christmas production this year.

I'm thankful that they are enthusiastic about lines and songs and helping.

I'm thankful they were more controllable tonight.

I'm thankful Cathy Cutts has the reigns on this one.

I'll be very thankful when we find a final Christmas song to sing at the end.

I'm thankful to be listening to the Rockefeller lighting downstairs.  Mostly good music.

Thankful that I'm turning in my memo for reals tomorrow.

Really thankful that I'm about to print said memo in my massage chair.

Thankful that I'm in the legal field as I like arguing.

Thankful for WestLaw but I really need for it to work when I ask it to send me a case.

Thankful that the next thing I'll do is to press "publish post."

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