Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reformation: Justification

More on the Reformation series by Adam Kaloostian.  Last week I wrote about sin, then listened to justification.  This week, I write about justification and I'll listen to whatever's next on the docket.

1. Did the terms of the covenant of works change after mankind fell in Adam?
A big fat NO.  To e blessed by God, we still have to be perfectly obedient.  2 problems arise: We can't do the works.  We all sinned in Adam and are born automatically separated from God.
Also, we can never bay off our debt for our failed works.  This is why God gave us a solution: he sent Christ.

2. What are the "active" and "passive" aspects of Christ's justifying works?
Christ passively obeyed by receiving our punishment on the cross.  He actively obeyed by doing all the good things that God requires.  He earned God's favor and we get credit for it, while we earned his wrath and He got credit for that.

3. What does "propitiation" mean?
We receive the blood he shed on our behalf.  Jesus satisfied the anger of God against our sin.  We had blood tainted with Adam's sin.  We now need clean blood to approach a holy God, and Jesus gives us this blood.

4. How is Adam a type of Jesus Christ who came?  On what basis will God reward anyone with eternal peace and happiness?

As in Adam all die, so in Christ will all be made alive.  All are condemned by one man.  Not all will receive justification, but only those who receive God's gift.  Without true faith there is no justification.  But all people who are saved are saved by one man.

5. What are the 3 "parts" of true faith?  What is the "gospel promise"?
Knowledge -- aware of facts, know that God is true
Assent -- believe that the facts are true
Trust -- Christ died for my sins perfectly and my obedience worked out in his life.  Only those who believe have that atonement.

How do I know that I have it?  1 John 1:8 -- If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.  We know we have truth because we are convicted of our sin.
Verse 9 -- If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.
John 6:37--One who comes to me I will certainly not cast you out.

6. What role do our good works play in our justification?
No role.  We cannot be justified by our works.

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  1. very good post. Not many have a clear view of Justification. Keep up the good work